Dr. Derek G. Pierson is the Senior Pastor of the Holy Lighthouse Church, Inc. He has served this church since 1997. Under his leadership the church has demonstrated steady growth and financial stability. Under his careful guidance the church has purchased its current facility, which is valued at approximately 2 million dollars.

Dr. Pierson was saved at an early age and called to the ministry at the young age of 12. His ministry has afforded him the opportunity to evangelize the continental USA and overseas. He has served as the Asst. Pastor of the Emmanuel Temple Church of Brooklyn for approximately thirteen years under the leadership of the Bishop (Suffragan) Tommy L. Seals.

Before answering the call to full time ministry, he enjoyed a successful career as a Director for a major insurance company in New York. His responsibility included management of several managers and supervisors and ensuring that approximately 270 hospitals and facilities in New York State receive reimbursement for services rendered.

Dr. Pierson is an ordained minister affiliated with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. He has served the New York State Council of the P.A. Of W in many capacities for over 25 plus years.


In June 2011, Dr. Pierson was elevated to the ecclesiastical office of Bishop (Suffragan) in the New York State Council of the P.A. of W, Inc. under the leadership Bishop Carl E. Lewis.

Dr. Pierson is a community minded person. As a community leader, the church has provided coats for needy children, back packs for children returning to school and fed the hungry. In addition, the church has provided funds to support education in Africa, India, South America and the Philippines. He has served as the President of the Interdenominational Pastor’s Council of New Rochelle and currently remains very active with this organization. For his contributions to the community, he has received several awards and citations.

Dr. Pierson is known as an anointed preacher, prolific teacher and holds credentials as a Certified Christian Counselor and Life Coach.

Dr. Pierson is the author of two books entitled, The Master Came Looking For Me and Persuaded of Better Things. In the Master Came Looking for Me, he articulates how one can discover his purpose by identifying with the image of the Creator. In Persuaded of Better Things, he declares that God never created us to be mediocre. With passion he records in this book helpful ways to overcome the trap of mediocrity and move towards fulfillment. This powerful publication can be obtained by going to the website www.persuadedofbetterthings.com.

Dr Derek and First Lady Pierson

Together Dr and First Lady Pierson pastor the Holy Lighthouse Church of New Rochelle. Together they have seen God work miracles in the local church and have witnessed the ministry more than double.

Together they have founded Selah Ministries, Inc. Selah Ministries is a unique teaching ministry, which concentrates on assisting the believer in his Christian growth. Selah Ministries presents the Total Word Experience conference annually. Together they have presented several couple seminars and single seminars. These sessions have yielded two exciting tape series entitled Reaping the Harvest and their new release entitled Married, Single or Looking.

Dr. Pierson has been married to Lady Sharon Pierson since 1985. They are the proud parents of Derek Jr., and Darien.